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Massage Therapy

Massage therapists employ a variety of hands-on techniques to assess and treat the soft tissues and joints of the body. Improved circulation of blood and lymph, decreased pain and inflammation, improved mobility, relaxation and stress reduction are all positive effects of therapeutic massage.

What type of massage is offered at your clinic?
Our massage therapists are trained in Swedish Massage. Using this technique our RMTs can succesfully treat sports injuries, postural strain, repetitive strain injuries as well as providing relaxation massage. Our therapist, Jenn Chretien, is also trained in Hot Stone Massage Therapy.

What is Hot Stone Massage?
This type of massage includes the use of stones that are heated or cooled in water. Hot stone therapy combines massage with hydrotherapy to enhance the benefit of both modalities. This therapy is helpful for: increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage, decreasing menstrual pain, reducing fascial restrictions (i.e. tight IT bands!), reduce post-workout muscle soreness and enhancing relaxation. Cold stone therapy can also be used for acute injuries, tension headaches and sinus congestion.

Does it hurt?
Yes and no. There may be some discomfort because of an injury to the muscle, Inflamed and strained muscles may feel sore after or during a treatment. The overall effect though, is to help you feel more relaxed and pain free!

Is massage therapy covered by OHIP?
No. However, if you have extended health care coverage, you may be reimbursed.

Are your therapists registered?
Yes, all of our massage therapists are registered. They have a registration number which is included on the receipt that is submitted to your insurance company.

Do I have to be in pain to have a massage?
No, massage therapy can be used for relaxation and stress relief.

Do I have to get undressed?
Yes, but you do not take off all your clothes. You are covered by a sheet and blanket. You may keep areas that are not being worked on clothed.

Do I need a Doctor's prescription?
Some insurance companies may require a note from your physician and/ or chiropractor explaining why massage has been recommended.

How long does a massage last?
We offer visits ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minute massages. For your first visit at KWC we require you to schedule a 45 minute (or longer) massage.

If I am pregnant, can I still have a massage?
Yes, with some pregnancies, some women suffer from lower back pain, neck pain or sciatica. Massage can help relax the muscles that support the spine.

My regular visits to King West Chiropractic have improved my health significantly. The adjustments and advice I have received have made me aware of how I can work towards maintaining a healthy back in my daily living. - Marc G.