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10 Reasons to Go Organic

Organic foods are produced without synthetic pesticides,fertilizers, added antibiotics or hormones, and without genetic engineering or irradiation.
They are minimally processed.
They have no artificial ingredients or preservatives.
Most organic foods taste better.
They are completely natural and produced without chemicals.
Organic crop methods are healthier for the land.
Organic farming promotes biological diversity and the recycling of resources through such methods as crop rotation, rotational grazing, planting of cover crops, intercropping, waste recycling, tilling, and adding minerals to crops.
Organic fruits and vegetables can be grown by you in your own backyard.
Meat can be certified “organic” if the livestock has been raised on organic feedstuffs (grains and other products grown under certified organic conditions) for at least a year.
Fresh and frozen organic foods are becoming easier to find with many more choices available throughout the year.

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