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145 King Street West, Toronto / 416.815.9595
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Since 1997

We strive with excellence to overcome injury, achieve optimal performance and sustain wellness.

Updates on KWC Re-Opening!

We are happy to announce that under the provinces’s Directive #2, we are now available to offer expanded chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathic and acupuncture services.

Please click here for our online booking page for up-to-date availability for all our services. Dr. Chan is currently working Mon/Tues/Wed + Dr. Lyons is currently working Tues/Thurs.

Updated weekly hours can be found on our Contact page.



We’ve been doing this since the 20th century!


Did you know our chiropractors use an instrument to deliver the chiropractic adjustment?

We Get It

We understand the challenges of patients.

Welcome to King West Chiropractic

More people today are interested in achieving a level of health beyond symptom management and prevention of disease. Wellness is the concept of being at one's best mentally, physically and emotionally. This is the goal of many health-oriented people as they strive to enhance their performance in daily activities and get the most out of life.

VIDEO: A Lower Back & Hip Adjustment With Dr. Cynthia Chan Thumbnail
VIDEO: A Lower Back & Hip Adjustment With Dr. Cynthia Chan
VIDEO: A Neck & Upper Back Adjustment With Dr. Kristine Lyons Thumbnail
VIDEO: A Neck & Upper Back Adjustment With Dr. Kristine Lyons

Very professional and effective with treatment.

– Frank C.

Initially referred by my ex who sees a chiropractor at King West Chiropractic Health Centre, I have been coming to KWCH for a number of years now. The women at reception are always incredibly friendly and helpful. Lorraine is the best RMT!! I don't know how I would be getting through my PhD without her, given all of the computer work that I do. I highly recommend KWCHC to everyone.

– Lesley T.

RMT and Osteopathy services are top notch.

– Anthony J.
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