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9 Calcium Rich Foods

  1.  Seeds  1/2 cup sesame seeds-350mg of Calcium
  2. Beans  1/2 cup Black Beans- 160mg of Calcium
  3. Lentils  1cup – 80g of Calcium
  4. Almonds  1/2 cup raw almonds- 80mg of Calcium
  5. Low oxalate leafy greens  1 cup Kale- 80 mg of Calcium
  6.  Soy  100g of Tofu-175mg of Calcium
  7. Oranges  1 orange-80 mg of Calcium
  8. Broccoli Raab (Rapini)  1 bunch cooked rapini- 515mg of Calcium
  9. Dried Figs  4figs- 55 mg of Calcium

The daily recommended intake of Calcium for Adults is 1000-1200 mg per day for Teenagers 1000 mg per day


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