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Activator Methods


Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique was founded on the principles of clinical research in 1967 by Arlan W. Fuhr, D.C. It is a low-force adjusting instrument that is the second most common chiropractic technique following manual adjusting.

Here are some more fun facts about Activator:

– Activator Methods is based on finding spinal restrictions/subluxations that are causing misalignment in the body, thus causing one leg to look shorter than the other. Once you adjust the restricted spinal joint properly, there is balance restored to the spine resulting in more even leg lengths.

– Dr. Chan and Lyons started switching to Activator Methods 10 years ago and it is now their primary method of delivering chiropractic adjustments.

– Dr. Chan and Lyons are only 2 of 5 chiropractors in the GTA certified with Advanced Proficiency

– all the chiropractors in the world certified in Activator Methods are listed on the Activator website – in order to stay current Activator chiropractors must attend a minimum of one Activator seminar per year

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