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Acupuncture Tip of the Month: Acupuncture’s Approach to Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain is one of the most common physical ailments for people in our society today. It affects 8 out 10 Canadians daily and is actually the number one reason people seek out an Acupuncturist.

Acupuncture is effective in treating pain because it triggers the nervous system to release endorphins that are painkillers, opioids that help us relax & induce sleep and it strengthens our own immune system cells. All of these combined functions are boosted with treatment and stimulate our body’s natural ability to heal itself. When we are relaxed, our muscles can relax and overcoming pain is less difficult.

Repeated long hours at a desk or repetitive movement or lack of that is causing back pain does not allow any healing time for our body, and in return it learns to “just deal with it”. This is often the case with chronic back pain, the body becomes used to operating with the pain even though it doesn’t have to. When we use acupuncture we are able to give our body a break to remember its alignment, structure, how it used to feel without the pain and stimulate blood flow to tired muscles. Naturally our bodies want to be healthy, but it is our choices and lifestyle that don’t always allow it. Receiving acupuncture relaxes us and is an opportunity for our muscles and cells to rejuvenate.

In Japanese style acupuncture we don’t even have to use needles in the local area where the pain is. By treating distally we can achieve strong results with points often gently inserted below the knees and elbows. When you look at the body as a whole instead of isolated areas we can see how other ailments, lifestyle and even diet can affect your low back pain. Looking at the big picture allows for better results and more importantly long lasting ones.

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