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Antibiotics…Effective or Not?

With flu season approaching, it’s very common for antibiotics to be prescribed to clear up infections of all sorts. But how do antibiotics effect the functioning of our immune systems and how can we protect ourselves from the complications that can occur from frequent antibiotic use?
Antibiotic Facts:

When taken, antibiotics destroy approximately one hundred, thousand BILLION beneficial bacteria
Once an antibiotic round has been completed, it often takes months for the ‘good’ bacteria to replenish creating an opportunity for fungi and bacteria to proliferate and/or a secondary infection to take hold

Antibiotic Side Effects:

Diarrhea, fungal infections, yeast infections, gastritis and illness due to a lowered immune system

While antibiotics are sometimes the only way to deal with an illness, you can take steps to lessen the side effects. Take a professional probiotic during AND after your antibiotic course to lessen the disruption to the beneficial bacterial environment and boost the immune system this fall. Visit your Naturopathic Doctor to find out the correct form, dosage and product specifically suited to your health needs. Happy Fall!

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