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Best Foods For Eye Health

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“I can see clearly now the rain is gone/I can see all obstacles in my way/Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind/It’s gonna be a bright (bright)/Bright (bright) sunshiny day.”
– Johnny Nash

Incorporating many of the top vision-supporting nutrients may be as easy as adding a few foods into your regular routine. Here are 12 of the best foods for eye health, including the eye-healthy nutrients they can offer.

1. Tomatoes

The average tomato provides one-third of your RDA for vitamin A and vitamin C. Enjoy sliced tomatoes on sandwiches, diced tomatoes in homemade salsa, or roasted tomatoes as a side dish.

2. Sweet Potatoes

One cup of cooked, baked sweet potato provides 769% of your daily vitamin A and 65% of your vitamin C needs. Sweet potatoes are delicious baked, mashed, or cubed and roasted with seasoning.

3. Avocado

An average avocado contains 21% of your vitamin E, 33% of your vitamin C, and 9% of your zinc needs for the day. Avocados make a great topping for whole-grain toast or crackers, can be made into a luscious guacamole, or add cubes into a breakfast tofu scramble.

4. Carrots

One cup of chopped raw carrots will meet 428% of your daily vitamin A requirements, as well as 13% of your daily vitamin C needs. Enjoy carrot sticks raw with a side of hummus, grated into a mixed green salad, or roasted in the oven.

5. Asparagus

A ½ cup serving of cooked asparagus contains 18% of your daily vitamin A and 12% of your daily vitamin C needs. Asparagus spears are tasty drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil and roasted in the oven, or blanched and chopped into a casserole.

6. Grapefruit

One-half of a grapefruit provides 28% of your daily vitamin A and 64% of your daily vitamin C needs. Grapefruit is a popular breakfast side dish or can be peeled and cubed into a juicy fruit salad.

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