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Best Sources of Vitamin E

The conflicting and confusing research we’ve been exploring points to a couple of things we’re pretty sure we know: vitamin E is a crucially important nutrient, and the best place to get it, for most people, is from food sources rather than supplements. So what are these food sources?

The majority of the vitamin E consumed by residents of the US and other industrialized nations is in the form of vegetable fats, as animal products generally don’t contain much. If you want to get your vitamin E along with lots of other beneficial nutrients, then here’s the good news: your alpha-tocopherol is found in many healthy plant foods, including nuts and seeds, dark leafy greens, and some orange and red fruits.

The USDA’s FoodData Central database lists many of the foods that will bless you with vitamin E love if you let them.

Examples of vitamin E-rich foods:

( Excerpt taken from The Food Revolution Network)

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