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Chiropractic Tip of the Month: Bone Builders

Calcium: 99% of the calcium in our bodies is found in our skeletons and teeth. When our bodies are short on calcium, our bones become depleted and weakened.

Vitamin D: This vitamin is made when the skin is exposed to sunlight, and it helps us absorb calcium. Many people are severely D deficient. We need 5 to 15 minutes of sun without sunscreen two to three times a week. In the winter months this can be difficult. In addition to taking a multi-vitamin, consider taking a calcium vitamin D supplement.

Vitamins C and K: Vitamin C increases production of collagen, which helps keep calcium in the bones. Vitamin K triggers the formation of osteocalcin, a protein needed to maintain good bone density.

Magnesium: This mineral directs calcium to the bones. Good dietary sources include halibut, cashews and oatmeal.

Weight-Bearing Exercise: When you exercise, your bones respond to the stress put on the body by making more osteoblasts; cells that fill in bone cavities. This results in improved bone cavities. This results in improved bone density. We need about 10 to 20 minutes of weight-bearing exercise most days of the week.

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