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Chiropractic Tip of the Month: Five Physical Fitness Myths

“Exercise is only for those who need to lost weight.” Physical activity is important for more than just losing weight. It also improves mood, decreases the risk of disease, strengthens the heart and lungs, and improves sleep.
“Getting in shape requires a gym membership.” There are many alternatives to gyms. Do push ups, squats, and other exercises that use your body weight as resistance. Try taking walks, ride a bike, take the stairs, or use resistance bands for strength training. Be inspired by at home exercise videos and games.
“If you are physically active, you can eat whatever you want.” It is true that you burn calories when you exercise, but this doesn’t mean indulgence is smart. In order to remain healthy, remember to eat wisely, keeping your body’s nutritional needs in mind.
“You can stop thinking about physical activity once you hit 65.” We are never too old for exercise, and should never stop being active. Whatever age you are, loss of muscle means gain of fat. Remember the other benefits of exercise such as balance, coordination and cognitive sharpness.
“Full steam ahead is the right way to begin exercising.” If you have not been active for awhile, the best way is to begin slowly. Gradually increase the intensity and frequency of your physical routine to avoid injury and discouragement.

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