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Clinic Tip of the Month: Rejuvenating Massage Therapy

Massage therapy treatments can:

Reduce muscle tension
Improve athletic performance
Increase range of motion
Alleviate back pain
Stimulate circulation
Decrease headaches

Many health issues can benefit from massage therapy due to the manipulation of soft tissue, which affects all of our body’s systems; in particular, the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and nervous systems. The soft tissues include muscle, skin, tendons and fascia, ligaments and joints. These hold the bones of the body together and create movement at the joints.
Overall stress levels can be managed safely and effectively with massage therapy. Stress upsets the delicate balance of our bodies’ functions and massage helps normalize them. Massage therapy also relieves pain, relaxes stiff muscles and smoothes out muscle knots by increasing the blood supply to the affected area. It can also help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and calm fatigued muscles. Massage therapy is an effective way to create a sense of relaxation and overall well being.

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