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Compression Hosiery

The average person will walk 100,000 miles in their lifetime, or more than four trips around the world! There is an answer to those tired, aching and fatigued legs….Compression Hosiery. These garments are available in a wide variety of styles including support socks, trouser socks, knee highs and pantyhose. They look and feel like regular socks but work by providing therapeutic pressure to increase blood flow and circulation. These unisex items are most commonly used in the following cases:

To lessen leg fatigue at the end of the day
To improve circulation for more energy
To reduce swelling and discomfort in the lower extremities
To reduce risk of blood clot formation
To reduce risk and prevention of venous and lymphatic disease
To improve leg sensation
To aid in the healing of ulcers
To improve athletic performance (reduced risk of injury, faster recovery)
To conceal leg and foot blemishes

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