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Most people don’t think about the health of their spine until there is a problem with it. There are many things you can do daily to keep your spine in order, though they are often forgotten or over looked in our surroundings and busy lifestyle.

Backpacks and shoulder bags or purses are often a necessity, but can cause damage to our bodies if packed too heavily or worn the wrong way. Backpacks should be large enough only to carry what you need, be proportional to our body size, and distribute weight evenly. They should also be made of light weight material, with 2 ” wide cushioned straps.

Invest in a good supportive mattress and pillow. At the office, make sure to have a chair with proper back support. Sit up straight to type, with feet flat on the ground, or on a step. Your arms should be at 90 degrees and your mouse should be on the same level as your keyboard. If available use an ergonomic keyboard, which is designed to keep your wrists straight while typing. The monitor should be at least arm’s length away from your face and at eye level.Work stations should be designed to keep you from having to reach or assume awkward positions to do your job.

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