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Gardening can be fun, but it’s the heavy lifting that’s no easy feat. The following back safe tips can help you move those daunting loads from point A to B either with or without a partner.

Safe lifting on your own
1. Stand close to the load to be lifted.
2. Place your feet shoulder-width apart.
3. Keep your back straight.
4. Squat down to the object’s level and test the weight of the load.
5. Use the strength of your leg and arm muscles to smoothly and slowly lift the load.
6. Keep the load close to your body.
7. Pivot to turn and face the intended direction of travel. Proceed with the load.
8. Avoid twisting your body while carrying the load.
9. Bend your knees and slowly lower the load to its intended place.

Lifting objects from high places with a partner

1. Stand on a secure platform or sturdy ladder with a helper nearby.
2. Slowly lift the load, keeping it close to your body.
3. Pass the load to your helper, or safely rest the object at a slightly lower level, as you work your way back down to the ground.

TAken from the OCA web site

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