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Golf – Get in the Game Without the Pain

As warmer weather approaches golfers can’t wait to get to the first tee. However twisted postures, the torque of the swing and forgetting to warm up can cause unnecessary injury.
Pain shouldn’t be par for the course!
Get the right fit:
Playing with clubs that don’t fit hinder your game and cause you pain. Consult a pro to ensure your clubs are the right height, are made of a material appropriate to your arm strength, and have the right grip for you.
Take Lessons:
The right swing technique can do more than just improve your game – it can also spare you plenty of unnecessary pain. Working with a CPGA professional is a great way to learn the basics.
Warm up and warm down:
Take a few minutes to stretch before and after your game. Start with a brisk walk, then do some light stretching.
Push, don’t carry, your golf bag:
Pushing or pulling your bag and taking turns riding in cart can help you prevent a back injury. If you prefer to carry clubs, use a double-strap carry bag that evenly distributes the weight.
Choose the right shoes:
Wearing a golf shoe with good support and the proper fit can prevent some knee, hip and lower back pain. A custom orthotic can provide optimal support for sore arches and help to avoid knee, hip and low back pain.
Drink lots of water:
Dehydration can cause fatigue and increase your risk of injury. Water and juice are ideal refreshments. Drinking alcohol depletes the body’s fluids and can lead to stiff muscles and soreness.

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