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Impact of Stress on Health

A great deal of illness and disease is stress related. Stress is usually with us throughout the day and too often into the night as well. It impacts us environmentally, physically, emotionally, and nutritionally. Stress actually has the potential to cause weight gain. It also causes energy depletion, memory impairment, sleep disorder, stroke, changes in blood pressure, heart attack, headaches & migraines, cancers, and a lack of focus.
When we experience stress, our bodies produce excess hormones that affect the brain and nervous system. For example, the hormone, Cortisol, sends signals to our brains telling us to consume more carbohydrates so that they can be stored in case of future stressful situations. Over the past 30 years the number of overweight individuals has increased dramatically in North America, and one of the leading causes is thought to be stress. Weight control has become the top health concern in US and Canada. Perhaps stress management should be put at the top of our lists in order to combat this epidemic.
Take control of your life. Work towards a life that is more balanced, energetic, healthy and stress-resistant. Knowledge is power.

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