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: Living A Headache Free Life

Acupuncture Tip of the Month

Believe it or not, yes this is possible! Headaches and migraines are experienced regularly in our society, but it does not have to be this way. In Canada over 3.2 million people suffer from migraines alone costing people time off work, time with their families and weekends with days that shouldn’t be spent in bed.

Unfortunately when we experience an ailment that occurs frequently we begin to think of it as normal, especially if others experience the same. But headaches and migraines in Chinese Medicine are often indications of an overworked liver and gallbladder. Stress, staring at computer screens, a diet with rich, fatty foods and alcohol all cause stress on the liver and its organ pair the gallbladder. The headaches are a signal that telling us that something is internally wrong.

Of course alignment, in particular of the neck and shoulder, can play a crucial role in treating these conditions and must also be examined. Structural problems and muscle tightness can reduce blood flow to the brain, increase pressure on the optic nerve or can cause swelling of blood vessels as well. Because Acupuncture strengthens the organs and increases circulation it is able to release the pressure build up in these key areas that are causing the headaches and migraines.

Using Acupuncture also reduces the need for medication. As the symptoms lessen, patients will find less medication is necessary and ironically it is this medication that adds additional stress to the liver because its job is to detoxify chemicals and metabolize drugs.

I have had great success over the years treating both headaches and migraines and if you would like to book a complimentary 15-minute consultation, have any questions or book an appointment, feel free to contact me below:

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