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Matcha Tea

You’ve probably heard that green tea can be good for your health. But did you know that there’s one particular type that may be the best of all?
In fact, it has up to three times the antioxidants of regular green tea. And studies show that it might support your heart health, brain health, immune health, and even improve your mood and mental focus.
What kind of tea am I talking about? It’s called “matcha tea.”
Matcha is a special powdered form of green tea leaves that gives you an even richer source of: Catechins to support healthy weight management Vitamin C, B-Complex, and zinc to support healthy immunity Chlorophyll to oxygenate your blood and revitalize cells Antioxidants to protect your cells and strengthen your immune system
But, not all matcha is created equal…
Turns out, most of the highest ceremonial grade matcha is not organic, and organic matcha is rarely the highest grade.
That’s why I’m happy to introduce you to my favorite type of organic matcha – the kind I drink almost every morning. It’s called Sun Goddess Matcha, and it’s made by Pique Teas.
Pique’s matcha leaves are shaded up to 35% longer than other leaves, which creates a much higher level of l-theanine, aka nature’s “chill pill”. It’s the ingredient in matcha that’s known for relaxing you while giving you calm, focused energy.
( excerpt from The Food Revolution Network)

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