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Plant-Powered, High-Protein Foods

There’s a widespread myth that only animal foods provide “high quality” proteins. But in reality, many plant-based and vegan protein sources contain abundant, health-promoting protein. For example, some of the best vegan protein sources are beans and legumes. And the percentage of calories coming from protein in tempeh, tofu, or green lentils is actually higher than in bacon or in cow’s milk.

Organic Edamame – (1 cup, cooked): 17 grams of protein

This Asian staple is soy in its most natural state. And it can be quite easy to fall in love with it!

Eat edamame out of the shell, wrapped up in summer rolls, or as a regular protein source in your salad rotation. Just be sure to look for organic varieties to avoid GMO soy.

Chickpeas – (1 cup, cooked): 16 grams of protein

If you want to get enough protein, here are some potent plant-based protein sources:

Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are highly satisfying. They’re also the main ingredient in one of my favorite spreads: hummus!

Try adding chickpeas to salads and bowls, or roast them for a crispy, on-the-go treat.

Lentils – (1 cup, cooked): 18 grams of protein

Lentils are a delicious addition to many meals, and at an average of under $4 per pound (before cooking), they’re a pretty affordable source of protein, too!

Try red, green, brown, yellow, or black lentils — and add them to a power bowl, make lentil soup, or incorporate them into burritos or tacos.

Black Beans – (1 cup, cooked): 12 grams of protein

Chow down on these protein-rich beans any time of the day.

Combine them with whole grains for a protein-packed combo, turn them into a spread, or whip them up into a nourishing soup.

(Excerpt from The Food Revolution Network)

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