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Sitting on the Job

When spending each day working or studying at a computer for a long period of time, especially when seated at an improperly set up workstation, you may be risking serious health complications that can include a stiff neck, sore back or repetitive motion disorders. These conditions are easily preventable by following some tips to arrange an optimal workspace that maintains postural health and comfort.

Adjust chair height so feet are flat on floor
Use back and seat rests to comfortably align & support the curves of your back
Place the mouse near the keyboard, without a wrist rest, which has been shown to increase carpal tunnel syndrome
Adjust monitor height to eye level
Move around constantly – vary your posture during seated work to avoid overloading single tissues. Also take 20 second breaks from sitting every 50 minutes or so
Take the time to set up your workstation to prevent injuries and work comfortably

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