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Sports-Related Injuries

Sports related injuries can plague any athlete, from the most seasoned professional to a novice just testing the waters. The most common sports related injuries are often a result of either overuse (excessive wear & tear) or strain (a pull or tear in a muscle or tendon). High impact sports such as running, aerobics or dance tend to lead to the most injuries. Other sports with high risk are those with overhead movements like tennis or baseball. As a result the most injured joints tend to be the ankle, knee, shoulder and elbow. The excessive repetitive pressure on a runner’s feet can be two to four times his body weight. Even leisurely walking can produce additional pressure, usually close to 1.5 times more. To help avoid injuries and keep your body functioning at its peak, it’s important to take preventative measures, such as stretching, warming up, cooling down, staying hydrated and not training on consecutive days.
Speak to your chiropractor for advice on injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

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