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Supposed to Be

In every discipline we have the comparison effect. We compare our experience with others and develop an idealistic way of thinking within ourselves; a falsified image of what we think we should be.
We train, we strive, we achieve but then we compare. An inevitable consequence of the desire to succeed. How do you rank amongst your peers? How are you evaluated by that voice in your head that tells you where you should be?
Maybe we get sidetracked. Maybe we jump ship only to find ourselves always reaching for something beyond ourselves.
We cannot be like the ones who taught us, and we can not be like the ones that taught them. All we can be is ourselves. Comparisons can confuse us into thinking competitively instead of introspectively.
Training is personal and a discipline that requires diligent observation of ourselves and of our truth. But to discuss one’s personal experience as principle and truth only cheats others. Here is where the we fall into the downward spiral that is the comparison effect.
Insight is one’s own and an understanding can’t be taught. It has to be experienced. For the individual, a discipline is about understanding freedom within structure.
In our training, we are where we are supposed to be. This is about acceptance. Good and bad become not so important. Perspective and growth shape our understanding.
There is no supposed to be.

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