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The Dirty Dozen: The Most Pesticide-Contaminated Produce

Fruits and Veggies Are Not the Enemy

One thing to remember: Thousands of studies, published in peer-reviewed journals, tell us clearly that eating more fruits and vegetables can be good for your health. The more of these foods you eat, the longer you’re likely to live, and the less likely you are to develop most of the major chronic illnesses of our times.

Of course, in these studies, most of the fruits and vegetables were grown commercially, and many were contaminated with pesticides. So as you read about pesticide contamination on fruits and vegetables, please use this guidance as intended: To help you to know which foods are most important to eat grown organically if possible. If you can’t afford or can’t access organic produce, don’t let that stop you from eating fruits and veggies. If you’re choosing between an organic donut and non-organic kale… go for the kale. Just please do wash it well. (More on how to wash pesticides off produce here.)

The Dirty Dozen you need to watch for:

1. Strawberries

2. Spinach

3. Kale

4. Nectarines.

5. Apples

6. Grapes

7. Peaches


9. Pears

10. Tomatoes

11. Celery

12. Potatoes

(Excerpt taken from The Food Revolution Network)

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