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Walking: Get your “Step On”!

We recommend taking advantage of the cooler temperatures in the early morning sunshine and cooler evenings to get outside for a brisk walk.

The Goal: “move” for at least 20 minutes per day (outside is best).

What are the benefits?

Not only is it a great low impact exercise but it can work to prevent heart disease in the future and increases tissue oxygenation thus clearing the head, relaxing the body and promoting better quality sleep.

Tips to get you started:

•    Take a family member or pet with you to pass the time.
•    Swing you arms from side to side to raise your heart rate.
•    Use your favourite tunes to keep a brisk pace.
•    Roll off the heel of your foot to the big toe for proper alignment and to prevent injury.
•    Wear proper clothing (dressing in layers is best in the colder months) and footwear (walking shoes) that are specifically designed to correctly support the foot during walking.

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